TG KIll em All!


Rose’s crow dinner

Ever the know-it-all, NWO’s Rose wanted to give the newer players of UOSA MISguidance.

Warlord only did the honorable thing and tried to correct him in the most respectful way possible……by ending him.





Malice’s rough night

Malice drank a bit too much and fell off his trusty steed Thunderhorse….

It was feeding time for the beast and he took a bit out of honorable  BOOYAKASHA!


Vega’s ham on whole wheat

Out smarted, out played, out classed, but never out fed; Vega flees into the lungs of hell.

TG Riots for Ferguson

TG Renegades swordfight pirates booty

After recent debate over whether the scurvy pirates known as [PEE] were active or not, TG Renegades decided to investigate for themselves. compilation

Our final assessment is that there is indeed some pirate activity, and perhaps they should have named themselves after a different bodily function.

Portuguese Chorizo

Our little Portuguese sausage was sliced three ways by Lord Malice Saturday. After using 10 different charged weapons, reflect and invisibility items he was slain by a simple Ebolt followed by a halberd hit.

Over zealous to recover two deaths worth of loot the twit jumped in a non-hidden gate to town and died on the docks just as Malice crossed over.


Bounce Bounce Bounce

Vanquished ! time for yoga feather boyMalice_7-6_19.08